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I’d had a couple of drinks on the way there…

After twenty or so years in arts fundraising I was particularly struck by two things I read this week.  The first was about the epidemic of sobriety amongst twenty-somethings. This particular article (which was one of many as I now understand it) made me wryly smile and roll my eyes in equal measure.  The latter... Continue Reading →

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The Pageant, The Magnificent Moments and The Hunger Games

The Old Solider and The Ruddy-Faced Caterer from the Country were reaching their climax.  The Beehive and her role in that particular triumvirate was long-since departed and forgotten.  But this was The Big One and The Soldier and The Caterer were not going to let anything or anyone get in the way of their pivotal... Continue Reading →

The Inventor, The Trophy Wife and the Berni Inn

The Inventor had been introduced to us via the unlikely avenue of the overly-aggressive South American Horn Enthusiast.  The suggestion that they were ‘dear friends’ was extremely hard to compute.  I couldn’t imagine the latter having any friends, never mind ‘dear’ ones.  I was abruptly informed that The Inventor liked singing and pianists and that... Continue Reading →

The Blizzard, The Mutton and The Beahive

We knew that the Senior Member of a European Royal Family didn’t want to do the event.  They had been strategically guilted into it by a mutual acquaintance of our organisation’s even though the guest list, the ‘cause’ and the whole evening in general was doubtlessly going to prove exceptionally awkward.  The Chairman was delighted... Continue Reading →

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